Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Karma's a bitch

I decided to come up with a little karma chant the other day. I am tired of seeing countless assholes and other discourteous people and feeling helpless to do anything. Now of course, I am a firm believer in karma but sometimes I think karma could use a little nudge. Watching a random jerk speed through a parking lot of kids made me want to come up with something to help karma show him/her that they need to be a little more careful. Does it work? I'd like to think so. It sure makes me feel better than just muttering things under my breath and hoping karma bites him in the ass. The spoken and written word is a powerful tool. Now of course, I never wish harm on anyone and I firmly believe in the power of 3 so anything I do, I do with the utmost respect. So here is my little chant...if you use it, use it wisely.
Karma, Karma, make them see,
With harm to none, the power of three,
Make them see. Blessed Be.
Blessings ~ Pixie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There's a little witch in all of us.....

I am so excited to take part in my first blog party! I hope I am not biting off more then I can! It is the 2nd annual Practical Magic Blog Party for all of those who LOVE the movie! I've never met anyone who doesn't, personally.
Everytime I watch the film, the little witch inside me seems to come to the surface a little more. I dance around the house more, I concoct more recipes and ventures in the kitchen and that spark of creativity seems to roar into a bonfire.
I dream of that lifestyle, of that knowledge and of that freedom and hopefully that will become more and more a reality for me but for now...I have this blog party and I am incredibly excited for it!
BB ~ Pixie Nyx

Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to a newbie!

Ok, so I am a little new to this blogging thing tho I have played with the idea here and there. Not sure where this journey is gonna take me but I am excited for the new venture! I created this blog as a self expression collage of emotions, life, creativity and spirituality as I continue my life journey of who I am destined to be. Welcome witchy friends...come and sit a spell.