Thursday, September 8, 2011

A day to mark on the calendar!

My little monsters, ages 8 (almost 9) and 6.5 years old, have been in school for going on 3 weeks now. Since starting school, it has been a struggle to get both of them to school with no issues. My youngest has developed separation anxiety from Mom. He has already missed several days due to this. My oldest monster has moderate autism and usually is the one that I have issues with but not this time. However, the other day, he decided that he missed Mommy an awful lot too.
Now I admit, I know I am raising a couple of "Momma's Boys". I shower them with love and affection but I do not believe I go over board. They have rules. They have chores. They know that I expect manners, good behavior and no fighting and should they not follow those guidelines, they get a privilege taken away. They are good little monsters though, and Mommy Pixie loves her monsters.
So, today started as normal and I thought that once again, we were going to have a rough morning. NO! It went great! Sure a little grumbling and believe me, I know the monsters did not want to go to school but they crying, no clingy-ness, no holding on to me for dear life!
After driving them to school I thought to myself....."This day needs to be marked on the calendar!"

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  1. My youngest(alomost 8) suffered from seperation axienty last year. they would have to pull her off me everyday. it made me fell horrible but it had to be done. She is a lot better this year. Almost a month in and no tears. So, so happy. Just know that it gets better.