Monday, April 29, 2013


By the Goddess, I have been on such a tumultuous personal journey the past few months!  I really feel at this moment that I am finally going towards reaching a phenominal life change and it is both terrifying and liberating at the same time.  It is so scary to leave the comfort zone of the life you have created with the society views you have been taught from infancy and to venture into a new journey, doing and having the kind of life you always felt you were destined to have. 
I feel my husband is also on a journey, similiar to mine in the way of searching for happiness but I am not sure if his journey is as deep as mine on a spiritual level.  Regardless, there is change on the horizon in our household.  The future seems more uncertain now than it ever has but it is also full of more and more possibilites that I am anxious to explore.  I look forward to sharing this journey of mine with you, in hopes that perhaps it will enlighten and inspire you on your own personal journey.
I wish upon you and your life many blessings of love, creativity, happiness and light.

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