Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blessed Mabon and Happy Fall, Y'all!

The second harvest is upon us...Oh, how I longed for this day!  Autumn! With the cool crisp days where the wind plays my newly reddened locks and the smell of apples and pumpkins lightly frosts the air!
At least, that is what I envision but here in the Lone Star state, it's anything but that as the sticky heat plasters my clothing to my body and melts my poor brain, lol. Ugh.
Thankfully, Fall really does seem to be around the corner.  We have cooler weather ahead, thank the goddess!  I really don't think I could live somewhere with no autumn!

My Sabbat celebrations are very quiet personal events, mostly because I am the only Pagan in my household (though my youngest son has sparked some interest).  For me, it is always a time for reflection as I sit out in nature somewhere, where I can silently thank the Divine for all that is around me and reveal in the blessings of the Earth's energy and beauty.
I'll light some candles and incense within my home and say a few blessings as the smoke rises.  And generally today I would, of course, tend to my garden, canning and preserving anything that I would be able to but having left my garden behind in our recent move, I will have to settle on filling my home with baked goods of apples and pumpkin...yum!

I wish you all a Blessed and Happy Mabon and would like to share with you a beautiful Autumn Blessing that I came across online:

"I welcome all the energy of Autumn into my life.
Autumn is a time of transformation and reflection.
Like the leaves falling away from their branches,
my life flows and changes peacefully, and all at
the perfect time.
I take time in Autumn to reflect on my life and
where I am going in it.  I have a clear vision of the
changes that I need to make so that I may continue
to grow in my highest good.
I enjoy the cooler weather and all the changing
colors that are unfolding throughout Nature.
This is the season of warmth and gentleness; a
reflection of my inner self.
With grace I let go of anything that is not serving
me positively and I make way for many new

And a simple candle spell of thanks (think Fall colors for your candle; brown, yellow, gold, orange, red and violet.  Of course, white can always be used as well):

"I light this candle to honor the season
and to give thanks for the abundance in
my life.  I strive to remember these
blessings and give thanks for them
throughout the entire year.  I strive to
remember to share these blessings with
others not as fortunate as I am, even
when I have little to share.  I give thanks
to the Lord and Lady for all my
blessings this Mabon season, and give
thanks for all those blessings that will
come to me this glorious fall season.
So Mote It Be!"

Much Love to you all, my witchy friends.

*Autumn Blessing pin by Rhaevyn Hart
*Candle Spell credit given to Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchery

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