Sunday, December 18, 2011


So, sometimes you come across a great post/spell and you just have to share it. I share no credit in this awesome protection spell except the fact of sharing it. So enjoy, take notes and stay safe. :)
By Rayneschild on DOP: 7/1/2011
Protection is something that I take seriously, you never know when someone will unleash their hefty bag of cosmic crap in your direction, so like a good pagan boy/girl scout, “Be Prepared.” I have charged some object’s with the intent of a constant watchful guardian type of protection, specifically I love to use gargoyles or griffins. I have been fortunate enough to find some very cool gargoyle’s at Dollar Tree, especially around Samhain, so I bring them home and use this to empower them for their important work:
"I charge these sentries made of stone,
Stand in silent guard over hearth and home.
Project from them protective light,
That is enforced by spirit’s might.
A loving comfort they are to me,
This is my will so mote it be!"
Small mirrors can also be found at dollar stores and craft stores and they too make very good “constant protectors”. This is the charge I use for them:
"Lovely mirror of silver light,
Always protect us day and night.
The negativity sent this way,
Return to sender without delay.
With harm to none I do this deed,
As is written in the rede.
By the pentacle I wear,
Earth, Fire, Water, Air.
Ruled by spirit as all should be,
This is my will so mote it be!"
I always cleanse anything I bring home before I charge it, usually with copal, but salt water works well for the mirrors, and you can add any herbs you wish to the water as well.
Finally, in circumstances where I feel extra oomph is needed I go to my altar and cast circle. I use Dragon’s Blood resin or incense because it help’s me truly feel and see a protective entity standing guard, and it is the “go to” in my mind for any type of protection work.
Here in this cloud of Dragon’s smoke
"Protection I do here invoke,
Above, Below, In front, behind,
Protected in body and in mind.
Let the energy I conjure here,
Extend to those that I hold dear.
Send harm away unsatisfied
Protective light my word’s abide.
Strong, unbroken, pure and white
I summon you with all my might.
By quickest route I bid you go,
This is my will and it is so!"
I try to use the pentacle and elements closing whenever possible, and in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t write that, I found it on a yahoo site and whoever did write it should definitely get credit. Please feel free to use anything I post and change things to suit your situation. Blessed and protected be!!!!

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  1. Oooo that is a good protection spell. Thanks for sharing it. I love the line, "Protective light my word's abide." I feel the tingle power of that line. You know what I mean? Oh and You've been TAGGED!